Exactly How I 10x Sales & Profits for Clients at No Additional Cost or Work on Their End

If I can show you how to make a large sum of money by using one of your current resources, with no effort and zero cost on your part – with me doing all the work – would you be willing to share a portion of the new money with me (but you keep the Lion's share)?

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Forget marketing agencies, have you ever thought about Joint Ventures or Strategic Alliances?

A Joint Venture is a mutually beneficial collaboration between individuals or entities with resources that complement each other.

Such resources could be products, services, operational assets, or customer databases, which, when aligned with the right partnerships, can be optimized with minimal expenditure.

The core strength of any business lies in the rapport established with its clientele.

Acquiring a new customer comes at a price 6 times more than retaining an existing one.

Reselling to a known client is sheer profit.

Leveraging external business databases incurs no expenses,

meaning a larger portion of the profit is yours without any marketing expenses.

Benefits of Joint Ventures

  • Compensate weak areas in your enterprise without added investment.

  • Achieve advantages of scale, scope, or speed, and access complementary capabilities and assets of countless other businesses.

  • Rapidly enhance your customer acquisition and revenue streams.

  • Massively boost your market presence and branding at no cost

  • Unlock avenues to generate revenue from thin air!

What People Think Of Working With Kris

Aadil Devante | Devante Group | $22 Million in Sales

“I work with businesses in several industries and I was referred to Kris through a mutual friend. Kris has never hesitated to make our project a success.

Before working with Kris and his team, we were spending a lot of time dialing in the funnels on clients projects - from

discovery, to creating briefs, from analyzing briefs, to copy output, and so on.

I enjoy working with Kris because he’s extremely creative and he’s flexible while keeping focus on fundamentals.

My favorite part of working with Kris is the brainstorming and strategies we’re able to craft when discussing briefs together.

I highly recommend working with Kris if you want to take your business to the next level. 10/10 would recommend.”

Chris Putnam | B2B Advisor | $50 Million in Sales

"It’s important in our industry or in any business to exceed expectations, to create HUGE value bombs… and Kris goes way above and beyond.”

Will Perry | REASON | $65 Million in Sales

“Kris is exceptional. He's been able to adapt multiple offers we've worked on together and completely crushed it.”

Kelly Gordon | Serial Entrepreneur | $10 Million in Sales

“I freakin’ love working with Kris. I’ve been in the online space since 2008 and Kris is very easy to work with, has a lot of great ideas, he's really just able to understand what we’re trying to do in a lot of different industries.

We serve 7 different industries and they understand really what it means to do the research, to really ask the right questions, to embody what it is that we’re trying to do. They really are very, very good at what they do.

I highly recommend to other business owners. If you really are looking for someone to really get to understand what you’re doing and care - not only that they’re good at their craft, but also that my clients are happy, that we’re getting the results that we need.

If you’re on the fence about it, you want to work with Kris. He's excellent!”

My 3-Step Process

In-depth overview of your business, identifying key resources that can be leveraged, and create list of ideal and sustainable joint venture and strategic alliance partners

Establishing joint ventures and strategic alliances, negotiating, and ensuring quality of partners

Managing and ensuring every step of the joint venture or strategic alliance is functioning as planned

In Case You're Still Not Convinced, Here Are 22 Additional Reasons for Doing Joint Ventures...

  • Reduce operational and marketing costs.

  • Enhance competitiveness.

  • Lower new market entry barrier.

  • Swiftly outpace competitors.

  • Drastically increase overall sales and profitability.

  • Expands client base far beyond its current limits.

  • Much faster and more flexible than mergers or acquisitions.

  • Minimal (and often zero) capital required.

  • Leverage others' R&D efforts.

  • Access expertise beyond your company.

  • Expand your innovative horizons

  • Add to your product range and offerings.

  • Ensure a leadership role in your market.

  • Drastically boost marketing and sales capabilities.

  • Keeps core objectives at the forefront.

  • Instantly create new distribution channels.

  • Leverage untapped resources.

  • Creates a sustainable competitive advantage.

  • Delegate non-essential business tasks.

  • Maximize management and technical resources.

  • Distribute overhead via shared expenses and delegation.

  • Achieve cost-effective production and delivery.

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